Route 217 Termini

Historic western terminus: Sebasco Road & Kenyon Rd, in the town of Phippsburg.
There was no signage at this end of the route on 1/3/07. These photos were taken on 3/4/07, after ALL signage for SR 217 was removed.

The former west end of SR 217: facing north on Sebasco Road. (Dan Bryant, 3/4/07)

The former eastbound beginning of SR 217: facing south on Sebasco Road. (Dan Bryant, 3/4/07)

The end of Kenyon Road at Sebasco Road. SR 217 began here and went to the right. (Dan Bryant, 3/4/07)

Historic eastern terminus: SR 209 (Main Road) in Phippsburg.

Facing west at the start of the route. (Dan Bryant, 1/3/07)

Two months later, all signage for the route was gone. (Dan Bryant, 3/4/07)

Advance signage for... (Dan Bryant, 1/3/07)

...the end. (Dan Bryant, 1/3/07)

In the left background, note the assembly with two shields (SR 209 & 217) for travelers on southbound SR 209. (Dan Bryant, 1/3/07)

Two months later, we have only signage for SR 209 and Sebasco Rd. (Dan Bryant, 3/4/07)

Approachign the intersection on northbound SR 209. (Dan Bryant, 3/4/07)

Older terminus: SR 209 used to take a slightly different course here.

Facing north. (Dan Bryant, 1/3/07)

Looking south along the abandoned roadbed. (Dan Bryant, 1/3/07)

A woman walking her dogs on the far side of the stream said the road was rerouted in the 1950s. (Dan Bryant, 1/3/07)