Upstate New York Roadgeek Meet - September 30, 2006 - Elmira, NY

On Saturday, September 30, 2006, a road enthusiast meet in the Elmira, NY area was held, with representation of seven roadgeeks, came from the states of New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and Georgia to meet and greet at Picnic Pizza in Horseheads, New York. After a nice lunch, we began the tour to check out various sites for highway construction along the I-86 and US 15 corridors.

From Left to Right: Chris Jordan, John Krakoff, Dylan Lainhart, Steve Alpert, Douglas Kerr, Mark Sinsabaugh, Mike Tantillo.

First, we headed to NY 17 to check out the construction at the Horseheads Project. This project will elevate I-86/NY 17 and complete the upgrade to a freeway. Service roads have been built in order to provide access to existing businesses along this stretch of highway, which had at-grade intersections. This project stretches from Exit 52 (NY 14) to Exit 54 (NY 13) and is scheduled to be completed in 2007.

Then we went on to Painted Post, where there is a new interchange being built for the junction of I-86 and US 15. Complete with flyovers, this will one day be where I-99 meets I-86. In many ways, the new interchange will be a big improvement over what it is replacing.

The last major stop of the trip was into Tioga County, Pennsylvania. where we stopped to look at US 15 freeway construction in the Borough of Lawrenceville and also Tioga Township. We saw that the freeway alignment will generally follow to the west of current day US 15, and quite a bit of work has been donw in this part of the Keystone State. We also checked out some of old US 15 and the US 15 Welcome Center, both in Tioga. After that, we returned to the meet site and went our separate ways.

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