New Sharon, Maine Bridge

In the Franklin County town of New Sharon in central Maine is a bridge that has seen better days. What appears to have been a former alignment of US 2 through New Sharon lies a truss bridge over the Sandy River which is now closed to traffic...temporarily.

Looking at the old truss bridge from the east.
A view of the modern bridge that carries US 2, ME 27 and ME 134 over the Sandy River.
The Sandy River looking south as seen from the bridge. This is what a lot of interior Maine looks like in the summer.
Looking east from the bridge. You can notice the steel deck and that the bridge was probably a bottleneck during its heyday. The bridge leads to a mostly dirt path.
New Sharon as seen looking west from the bridge. As you can see, a barricade has been around for a while.
The weight limit of the bridge is 3 tons, but someone took the liberty of changing the limit.
A plaque on the base of the bridge about when it was built. Looks like the bridge was built by the Croton Bridge Company in 1916.
Can't make out this plaque as well, maybe it is honoring the bridge builders or perhaps a few trustees.
Sign stating that the bridge is closed, temporarily. But how temporarily?

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All photos taken September 4, 2004.
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