Beesley's Point Bridge - Great Egg Harbor, New Jersey

For those who take the Garden State Parkway down to Cape May, you may notice a bridge close by as you cross the Great Egg Harbor as you cross out of Atlantic County. That is the Beesley's Point Bridge, which connects Somers Point with Cape May County on US 9. Currently, the bridge has been closed down to vehicles due to unsafe traffic, but there are some quirks that makes this crossing a treasure. On a mild, yet windy February weekend, Lou Corsaro and I had the unique opportunity of taking a walk down Beesley's Point Bridge and discovered some of the intricity of this private tolled crossing.

As the Beesley's Point Bridge is a private bridge, the State of New Jersey is not in charge of maintaining it. The changeover is marked here.
A jersey barrier serves as a blockade to most traffic at the south end of the bridge.
US 9 guide sign mentioning the weight limit of the bridge. Judging by what I saw from the bridge, that may be pushing it.
Signage listing the toll schedule for the Beesley's Point Bridge. If a passenger car were to take the nearby Garden State Parkway, only a 35 cent toll would be levied.
Now looking north on the bridge, here's a good view of Great Egg Harbor and Somers Point. You can see some of the despair that the bridge is in. In other spots, you can see gaps in the pavement so deep you are actually looking at the water. There are also a number of ads. that dot the landscape of the bridge. I wonder how much one of the ads costs.
The toll booth for the Beesley's Point Bridge is in the middle of the bridge. The car you see is likely owned the toll collector. Seems that the company that owns the bridge is still employing toll collectors while the bridge is closed.
A look at the drawbridge section of the bridge, and the accompanying gate house.
Another view looking north into Atlantic County.
The Beesley's Point Bridge is pretty close to the span for the Garden State Parkway. That's Ocean City, NJ, in the distance.
There is a power plant nearby along the southern shores of Great Egg Harbor. The curbs for the bridge are made of wood.
Looking towards the south end of the bridge. I am not sure how effective those ads are on a closed bridge.

Taken by Alex Nitzman; June 7, 1997

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