NY 17

West End: NY/PA Line near Findley Lake
East (South) End: NJ/NY Line near Hillburn

The current western terminus of NY 17 is at the New York-Pennsylvania state line near Findley Lake. Note the small, white Pennsylvanian reference marker under the Welcome to New York sign and the faded double line from the era of when NY/PA 17 was a super-two from I-90 to Chautauqua Lake. Photo taken by Marc Fannin on June 30, 1999.

The last New York State reference marker on NY 17 westbound. The first reference marker in Pennsylvania can also be seen. Photo taken by Barb B.

The current southern terminus (NY 17 changes from an E-W highway to a N-S highway in Harriman) of NY 17 is at the New Jersey-New York state line near Hillburn. This sign is technically in New Jersey, just mere feet from the actual state line. However, since NY 17 and I-287 both enter New York at this point, it shows how NY 17 enters New York State. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr on July 27, 2000.

And of course, signage of the southern terminus from I-87 southbound. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr on November 21, 2000.

And a much closer view of the southern terminus of NY 17 on I-287 northbound and NJ 17 northbound in Mahwah, NJ. You can spot the Welcome to New York sign in the distance. Photo taken by Chris Mason on October 2001.

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