US 202

West End: US 202 - NJ/NY border - Suffern
East End: US 6/US 202 - NY/CT border - Brewster

US 202's western terminus in New York State is at US 202 at the New York/New Jersey state line in Suffern. Here is US 202 westbound, where it becomes US 202 southbound in New Jersey. The street here is Orange Ave, Suffern; it becomes Franklin Tpk, Mahwah, at this point. The state line is roughly where the orange DETOUR sign is; US 202 turns right under the low (9'7"!) railroad trestle less than 150 feet ahead, and Franklin Tpk is NJ 507. Photo taken by Charlie O'Reilly on December 1, 2002.

US 202's eastern terminus in New York State is at US 6 and US 202 at the New York/Connecticut state line in Brewster. Here are the first reassurance shields for US 6 and US 202 westbound in New York State. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr on November 27, 2002.

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