NY 207

East End: NY 17K - Newburgh
West End: US 6/NY 17/NY 17A - Goshen

NY 207 at its eastern terminus at NY 17K in Newburgh. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr on June 13, 2001.

The current western terminus of NY 207 (along with the northern terminus of NY 17A for that matter) is at the NY 17 Quickway Exit 124 in Goshen. US 6 is also signed with NY 17 at this point. Photo taken by David Greenberger in May 1998.

END NY 207 shield at NY 207's western terminus. Another thing to note is the NY 17 Bike Route shield just below the NY 207 shield. Bike Route 17 is a bike route that goes along the southern sections of New York State, primarily following NY 97 and old parts of NY 17. Photo taken by Ed Wilson on October 11, 2001.

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