NY 990V

West End: NY 30 - Gilboa
East End: Schoharie CR 3 - Conesville

Like NY 961F in Allegany and Steuben Counties, NY 990V is a state reference route signed as a touring route by mistake, which NY 990V shields plastered all over the place along its route. Personally, I first noticed these NY 990V shields at around 1989-1990. Formerly NY 342, which is now used as a state route number in the Watertown area, NY 990V is a relatively short reference route in southeastern Schoharie County. NY 990V's western terminus is at NY 30 in Gilboa. Photo taken by Ed Wilson on October 10, 2001.

The current eastern terminus of the NY 990V reference route is at Schoharie CR 3 in Conesville. If you can get a picture of that, please send me an e-mail.

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