Blenheim Covered Bridge

A Very Brief Introduction...

The Blenheim Bridge was built in 1855. The bridge is located in the Town of Blenheim in southeastern Schoharie County on NY 30 in North Blenheim. It is over the Schoharie Creek and is a "double-barreled" or has two separate lanes. This bridge is the longest single span bridge in the world at 228 feet in length and one of only six remaining bridges in the world with two separated lanes. It is constructed of Long truss with a center arch. The general public is able to walk inside the bridge and see this piece of engineering art.

Blenheim Covered Bridge
Eastern entranceway into the covered bridge. The sign on the entrance says "$500 fine to ride or drive this bridge faster than a walk."
Plaque outside bridge describing the history of Blenheim covered bridge.
Inside the bridge itself, in the westbound lane of the bridge. Note the architecture.
Sign inside the bridge giving some history about the bridge.
Plaque on NY 30 describing the Blenheim covered bridge. The covered bridge and the current NY 30 bridge are in view.
Southbound view of the Blenheim covered bridge over the Schoharie Creek.

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