The Roads of Yore - Old NY 3 - Hannibal

A Very Brief Introduction...

NY 3 between Hannibal and Fulton was placed on a new alignment during the late 1960s/early 1970s, possibly as part of the US/NY 104 super-two project that took place in the time. This page has photos of the old alignment of NY 3 in Hannibal. The old alignment is now known as Oswego CR 3.

Daniel Harmony writes... I was reading the narration you have posted concerning the western end of Oswego County 3, formerly NY 3, at Hannibal.

The directional sign to the new NY 3 was installed at the time the new road opened. The roadway itself had been used to move traffic back and forth from the new alignment to the old during the construction phase.

What you referred to as a driveway at the western end of CR 3 was built as a turn around (perhaps for motorists who missed the NY 3 directional). This was part of the original construction. I assume its true purpose was for snow plows to turn.

When the new highway was built, the alignment entering the village was changed radically. As your picture shows, the original alignment was straight into the village from the old road. This was a particularly rough section of road with a narrow bridge just before entering the main square in the village.

By the way, up until some time in the early 1980's (I think), NY 3 ended in Hannibal. It had ended at the junction with US 104 when that road also ran through the village up until the early 1960's. NY 3 was extended west to NY 104A at Crocketts when a plan surfaced to construct some chemical waste disposal plant at the site of what was to have been the Sterling Nuclear Plant. One of the objections raised was that there was no adequate roadway to get to I-90. The state took over what had been town-maintained roads and did a total rebuild following the 1984 Transportation Bond Act (Rebuilding New York program).

The Roads of Yore - Old NY 3 - Hannibal
There appears to have been a period of time where travellers were asked to switch off between the new alignment and the old alignment. Here is an old NY 3 shield on Oswego CR 3 westbound that may have been used for that purpose. Photo taken April 26, 2001.
Oswego CR 3 currently ends at a dead end right near the junction of current NY 3 and current NY 104 in Hannibal. The red car in view is on NY 104 and the truck in view is on current NY 3. Photo taken February 9, 2002.
Here we are see a view of the new alignment and the current NY 3/NY 104 intersection. Photo taken February 9, 2002.
A wider view of the end of old NY 3. The current alignment is just to the right of the photo. An END Oswego CR 3 shield is also in view. Photo taken February 9, 2002.
Here is a view of the old alignment, looking towards the east. The "driveway" to the left may have been used as a connection between old and new NY 3 at one time. Photo taken February 9, 2002.

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