The Roads of Yore - Old NY 111 - Smithtown

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While I have been a resident of Upstate New York since 1998, I often make trips back to my hometown on Long Island to visit family and friends. These visits invoke childhood memories during the 1980s and 1990s, such as grocery shopping trips to the old Waldbaum's supermarket in Smithtown (which is now located around the corner). On the way to or from the supermarket, I'd often notice an old roadway next to modern day NY 111. Later, I would discover that the old roadway was once NY 111, and that NY 111 had been realigned to directly connect with NY 25 and NY 25A at the library. On one of my visits home, I made it a point to take a stroll down memory lane and present to you, old and abandoned New York Route 111.

Jim Guthrie writes... "This project was done in 1965-66 while I was in high school. My summer job was working at Smithown General Hospital, and I'd drive that way daily from where we lived up near Landing Avenue. The original alignment had both sharp curves and the steep grade you note, coming up from the stream that feeds Miller's Pond. One curve just north of Mount Pleasant Road was obliterated by the new alignment -- this isn't exactly clear looking at today's layout."

The Roads of Yore - Old NY 111 - Smithtown
View of the footbridge that replaced old NY 111 over a branch of the Nissequogue River between the old alignment and the shopping center.
A look at the former and current alignments of NY 111. The old alignment seemed to have more of an uphill battle.
A barrier has been put in place to keep vehicles off the old road as nature takes over the pavement. The road ahead is Mt. Pleasant Rd., a thoroughfare maintained by the Town of Smithtown. NY 111 looks to have veered towards right at this point.
What NY 111 looks like today through this part of town.
Descending down abandoned NY 111, which also serves as a small portion of the Long Island Greenbelt Trail, which is a hiking trail that crosses through that part of Suffolk County.
Continuing the descent down old NY 111. Nature is making its presence known here, too.
Another barrier to traffic, which was probably put in place before the tree lined barrier further up the old road was put into place.
Now to the north of the abandoned section of NY 111 on Singer Ln., which is a section of old NY 111 still open to traffic. NY 25 and NY 25A (Main St.) is ahead. The building to your right is an one room schoolhouse where famed poet Walt Whitman once taught.

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All photos taken November 29, 2003.

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