Eight Money Saving Tips for A Nationwide Move

A cross-country move is a bold statement that requires the pockets to back it up. For a sizeable household, it can be quite expensive. However, with the right tips moving out doesn’t have to be costly. Below are eight tips for cutting down the costs of moving across the nation.

1. Declutter Unnecessary Items to Avoid Excess Luggage Costs

When moving out, carrying all your items will prove to be strenuous and costly. However, you can make a huge difference by decluttering. Start by labeling and assorting all the items you need to carry versus those you don’t need. According to AARP, an organized decluttering system can save you time, space, and money as you’ll have fewer items to pack.

2. Purge and Sell Items You Don’t Need

Selling the stuff you won’t carry after a thorough decluttering session can generate valuable coins to cater for your move’s costs. There are several ways you can sell your items.

Yard Sales

The most common method is hosting a yard or garage sale. It helps save up on time and money as you don’t need to advertise your products.

Consider putting up a yard sale.

Word of Mouth

Let your friends, neighbors, and family know that you plan to move. Chances are they know someone interested in purchasing your items at a friendly price.

Online Retailers

If you have plenty of time before your move, consider advertising your products on websites like eBay or craigslist to generate a decent amount of money.

3. Move When the Season is Right

Plan your move according to the changes and inflation within the economy. For example, it’s expensive to move during the summer due to an abundance of people moving out as their leases expire or because the school year is about to commence. Aim to move out when it’s less congested, and if the season facilitates it.

4. Seek Cost-Effective Movers

Before deciding to move, you need to scout around the market and make a list of moving companies that offer a decent rate that fits well within your budget. A nationwide move can be quite financially taxing, so you need to also inquire about the long-distance prices and any additional charges that you may incur. Don’t go with the first nationwide moving service you find; be sure to compare rates from multiple moving companies to ensure you’re getting a good deal.

5. Utilize Discounts and Promotional Offers

During low seasons of productivity, such as winter, many companies tend to dish out discounts to attract customers. Be among the few that opt for special offers and make the most of it. More so, if you or any member of your family has served in the army, then you are instantly qualified for a military discount. These promotional offers can significantly reduce the expenses of moving out.

6. Utilize Your Packing Equipment

Hiring packages and foam from your mover can be slightly overpriced and costly, especially if your packing is in excess. Consider buying recyclable boxes and cheap packing material to cut down on unnecessary costs. You’ll end up unwrapping your items once you’ve successfully relocated, so there is no need to spend on expensive packaging from your mover.

7. Consider Moving Yourself

Handling your moving process can reduce costs and give you plenty of breathing room to pack and assort your items at your discretion. According to U.S Moving, 34% of American households opted for a rented truck instead of professional movers in the year 2019. Services like U-Haul offer cost-effective truck rentals and are cheaper alternatives to moving than a professional mover.

8. Rent a Portable Moving Container

If renting a truck isn’t much to your style, consider hiring a moving container instead. Portable containers services, such as PODS, provide a cheap alternative to storing and transporting your valuables. All you need to do is deposit your items before you move, and it will be delivered to your required destination, allowing you to unload at your convenience.

Moving across the nation is not as daunting as you think it is. With these steps, you’ll be able to enjoy that once open house which is now yours.

In Summary

Moving across the nation doesn’t have to ruin your financial plans. Remember to stick to a consistent budget, and always take advantage of offers and discounts.

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