NY 18F

South End: NY 18/NY 104 - Lewiston
North End: NY 18 - Youngstown

The northern terminus of NY 18F is at NY 18 in Youngstown. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr on November 10, 2001.

The southern terminus of NY 18F is at NY 18 and NY 104 in Lewiston, not far from I-190 and Robert Moses State Parkway. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr on May 6, 2002.

The intersections of NY 18, 18F and NY 104 are tricky to figure out. This picture might help. Having descended The Niagara Escarpment almost completely, NY 104 East ducks under the bridge in the picture I sent of the 18F sign. It then turns 180 degrees on an upward slope and one encounters these signs. To the right is the aforementioned bridge that one has just ducked under. Then one will come to the village line for Lewiston traveling on 18F northbound, Center St. By the compass, 18F on Center St . is west but will shortly reach the Niagara River and follow it northward.Straight ahead though several short residential blocks, one would come to NY 18, Creek Rd., on this same plane. Notice the height of The Escarpment. To continue eastbound on NY 104, one turns left and will immediately see the errant 18F sign. Then one will come upon the second junction of NY 104 and NY 18 which is separated by NY 104 passing over NY 18. Photo taken by Anton Schwarzmueller on January 1, 2003.

The ramp to the right in the foreground will split for NY 104 West and the Robert Moses Parkway South. They henceforth climb The Niagara Escarpment inparallel. Under this bridge, NY 104 East completes its descent of The
Escarpmentand loops to the right to intersect with the pictured road in the background. This End sign also marks the change from Center Street in the Village of Lewiston to Ridge Road in the Town of Lewiston. Photo taken by Anton Schwarzmueller on January 1, 2003.

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