Seven Nationwide Moving Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Coast-to-Coast

Moving houses, especially for long coast-to-coast trips, should not be left to fate. Take extra precautions when planning for this kind of move to ensure your family and belongings’ safety. Small mistakes when moving long distances can be very costly and stressful. Below we look at seven errors that should be avoided at all costs to ease your coast-to-coast relocation.

1. Not hiring a moving company

Self-moving is often desirable to most people due to its ability to save a buck or two. Hiring a moving company removes a big load from your shoulders; most of it is concerned with your items’ safety. Since most moving companies have better geographical knowledge and experience, there is a lower risk of ending up in the wrong destination with damaged items.

2. Not having a checklist

A moving checklist is a mandatory requirement. The list helps you plan the activities leading to the move by the level of priority. A checklist will help you save time and makes the whole exercise stress free since you are sure of meeting your planned time frame.

A moving checklist is a mandatory requirement.

3. Packing on your own

One of the most time-consuming tasks in moving is packing and unpacking. Choosing to pack your furniture may be risky for delicate items such as televisions that need an experienced professional’s care. Self-packing also puts you at risk of not reaching your time schedules.

4. Ignoring insurance availability tied to movers

The purpose of checking if your prospective movers have sufficient insurance is to remove the risks and damages associated with moving from you to the company. If accidents, property damage, or loss during the long-distance moving period, the insurance coverage covers you from liability.

5. Overlooking your moving company’s background

Your choice of moving company greatly determines how smoothly your move will run. A lot of time should be dedicated to sourcing for a moving company, and a similar time in asking for recommendations from friends and family. It is also important to inquire about the company’s background from their references.

When digging through a moving company’s background, ensure that it provides valid papers that show its compliance with state regulations, years of operation, and professionalism.

6. Having unlabeled boxes

Packing is a time-consuming activity, which should never be rushed. One of the mistakes movers make is leaving their boxes unlabelled, which makes unpacking hectic. Each box should be well labeled, indicating what is contained and where it belongs. Boxes with delicate items should be labeled ‘Fragile’ to avoid piling them carelessly.

7. Not getting rid of unwanted items

Among the specifics moving companies look at when deciding on transporting your goods are weight and quantity. If you have pieces of your furniture you no longer need, it is essential to dispose of them before moving. Decluttering helps save on the cost and stress of packing and moving cross country.

Decluttering helps save on the cost and stress of packing and moving cross country.

Most people are scared of moving from one part of the country to another due to various misconceptions associated with moving. Avoiding the above mistakes reduces your risks, and turns your moving to a memorable trip.

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